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Mon 21 May 2018 in 48,8:
48.7499123, 8.3766712

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In the forest near Lautenbach.



Take the train (S1) to arrive in Bad Herrenalb at 09:55. Hike via Langmartskopf, Teufelsmühle and Lautenbachfelsen to Obertsrot (ca. 20km) and find the HP on the way. Head back home by train from Obertsrot.


We took the train from Karlsruhe to Bad Herrenalb and started walking towards Langmartskopf. The track was not too steep, but climbing steadily. Everything went well until we reached a swampy, narrow path full of high grass and bushes. The water was not much of a problem, but we had to remove ticks every few meters. Since they are quite dangerous in the Black Forest, we decided to leave this path and take a parallel one.

On Langmartskopf, we decided to eat lunch and continued towards Teufelsmühle. During the next hours, we were threatened by a thunderstorm nearby. Fortunately, we never got more than a light drizzle, which was rather refreshing. The view from the Teufelsmühle look-out was not as good as on my last visit there, but still impressive. We observed some paragliders that started from a launch point nearby.

We walked the remaining distance to the Lautenfels. There, we had another nice view, and then continued to find the reason for our hike. Unfortunately, the path that would have led closest to the HP was not well maintained. Somehow, we managed to find the point in a dark and tick infested area, where we did not want to spend any more time than necessary for a screenshot for proof.

From there on, the way was mostly downwards. A friendly lady gave us some last instructions on how to best reach the train stop Obertsrot. We arrived there just in time for the next train to Karlsruhe. On the ride back, we ate our last chocolate and a weird tasting potein bar. We were tired but happy and satisfied of our day.


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DLichti achieved level 2 of the Minesweeper Geohash achievement
by visiting coordinates in Mannheim, Germany and 2 of the surrounding graticules.