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Mon 21 May 2018 in 50,7:
50.7499123, 7.3766712

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In a forest close to Stadt Blankenberg Flag of Germany.png (Hennef, Germany).



When writing the report for my 2018-05-19 trip, I suddenly realized that it's the 10th Geohashing Day! I immediately checked nearby hashes and found the (50,7) one reasonably reachable. I then grabbed my bicycle (for the ~four km from the nearest train station to the hash) and got on my way at around 4:00 pm. After arriving in Stadt Blankenberg Flag of Germany.png shortly after 5:30 pm, I jumped on my bike and struggled to get up the hills. The surroundings were surprisingly steep - I obviously didn't do enough research before. The trip to the hash was only around 5 km, but it took about half an hour to get there as I had to take several breaks pictures, for example of the Burg Blankenberg Flag of Germany.png.

When arriving close to the hash, I locked up my bicycle and took the continued on foot. The hash was located about 10m into the forest next to a grass field. I took quite a long hash dance to lock in close enough to claim a success - likely due to the limited GPS reception in the forest. I left a marker on a nearby tree, took some more pictures and headed back to the station. On the way down, I took a nice rest on a comfortable bench and regained some strength. Further down, I found a nice small path which was fun to ride downhill (for most of the time). Several times, I had to break sharply to avoid running over trees blocking the way and I had to carry the bike over it. Still it was a great, spontaneous trip to celebrate the 10th Geohashing Day!



pah U+110DB.png earned the 2018 Geohashing Day achievement
by celebrating the 10th Geohashing Day in the (50, 7) graticule on May 21st 2018.
2018-05-21 50 6 pah 007.jpg