2016-05-16 52 1

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Mon 16 May 2016 in Norwich, UK:
52.3422204, 1.3877336

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A field at North Green, Suffolk, UK.




One of two spanning midnight - 2016-05-16 52 1 - 2016-05-17 52 1 - ETA 23:10.

Expedition - Fail[edit]

This point was probably reachable but there were multiple problems.

  1. I forgot my hand held GPSr.
  2. My phone lost GPS lock.
  3. There was a closed road.
  4. My Android tablet with free SatNav software put me into a routing loop back to the closed road.
  5. Using the moon for direction I got out of the routing loop.
  6. 350 metres away there was nowhere to park.
  7. A poultry farm blocked one of the routes. This looked as though there might be security so a trespass was not advisable.
  8. At an alternative approach path I nearly put my car in a ditch while trying to park.
  9. Returning home to pick up my GPSr for expedition two, I used the closed road. The closure was on the far side of my destination so I could have ignored the diversion signs - Drat and double drat!

Time to give up and know when you are not wanted.


Sourcerer earned the Blinded by Science Consolation Prize
by failing to reach the (52, 1) geohash on 2016-05-16 because two devices failed and one got left at home.

Expeditions and Plans

New York, New York OtherJack, Elipongo In the back yard of a small apartment building in Wakefield, North Bronx
Buffalo, New York Pedalpusher Wiley Field in Masten park in Buffalo
Grand Rapids, Michigan Mcbaneg, katja Lawn of Fair Haven Church, Hudsonville, MI
Fulda, Germany Q-Owl, Q-Owla In a wood between Birstein and Steinau an der Straße
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer A field at North Green, Suffolk, UK.
Kajaani, Finland no visible trace of any other e, PPP In the Paltamo on the lake Oulujärvi.

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

2016-05-15 52 1 - 2016-05-16 52 1 - 2016-05-17 52 1 - KML file download of Sourcerer's expeditions for use with Google Earth.