2016-05-16 50 9

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Hp in the middle of the wood

Mon 16 May 2016 in 50,9:
50.3422204, 9.3877336

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In a wood between Birstein and Steinau an der Straße



Drive near the hashpoint, walk to the hp, reach it, find some geocaches, walk back to the car and visit friends near Fulda.


Most of it went according to the plan. But we didn't find the two geocaches next to the hashpoint.
Later on our way home we found two caches of www.geocaching.com and one safari cache of www.opencaching.de: OC110E6 "Former Train Stations".


Achievements / Honorable Mention[edit]

Q-Owl & Q-Owla earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 9) geohash on 2016-05-16.

Other Geohashing Expeditions and Plans on this Day[edit]

Expeditions and Plans

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Buffalo, New York Pedalpusher Wiley Field in Masten park in Buffalo
Grand Rapids, Michigan Mcbaneg, katja Lawn of Fair Haven Church, Hudsonville, MI
Fulda, Germany Q-Owl, Q-Owla In a wood between Birstein and Steinau an der Straße
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer A field at North Green, Suffolk, UK.
Kajaani, Finland no visible trace of any other e, PPP In the Paltamo on the lake Oulujärvi.

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