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Sat 18 Jul 2015 in Dresden:
51.1424271, 13.8070557

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Today's location is between pine trees in the Waldbad (forest outdoor swimming pool) at Dresden-Weixdorf.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Dresden; Ortschaft: Weixdorf

Weather: hot (around 30 °C during the day, 27.2 °C at the hashpoint at 4 p.m.), clouded, some raindrops, distant thunder



When I looked up the coordinates I saw that they were inside the forest outdoor swimming pool at Weixdorf, so while preparing for the expedition I packed towels and swimming trunks as well. At 14:45 I started, cycling along a route I have used multiple times by now: across the Waldschlösschen bridge, along Stauffenbergallee and then along Königsbrücker Straße until I was at Weixdorf. After crossing the railroad tracks at the train stop and taking some small tracks I reached the entrance to the pool. I paid the 3 € entrance fee and walked towards the hashpoint, which was not far from the entrance. I reached the spot at 15:40, the same time three older people were starting to come to rest about 5 meters from the hashpoint, carrying a bench and a folding table over from somewhere else. After taking a proof picture of my GPS unit I went nearer to the water and chose a place for myself there. After changing into the swimming trunks I took a swim in the swimming pond. The water temperature was nice, but there were water plants growing in the pond, entangling my legs. There were also some raindrops and the occasional distant thunder. At 4 p.m. I went back to the hashpoint and told the two people that were sitting nearby "don't worry, I just doing a game where I have to be at this random spot at 4 pm". They replied with "don't worry, good luck" and I continued my hashdance. The spot was some meters away from 20 minutes before, so I took pictures again. Nobody else turned up and I went back to my towels. After watching the hashpoint for the next minutes I took another swim while it was raining lightly. Then I packed my things, took a relaxed walk around the whole swimming pond, changed back into my normal clothes, ate a bratwurst and left the Waldbad. While I was unlocking my bike the sun, which had been behind clouds for the last 2 hours, came out again. The ticket guy offered that I could go back inside but I declined since I still had to cycle home. We talked a bit about how far I had to go and how steep the road in that direction was, then I left. The way back was a bit easier than getting to the hashpoint because there were long downhill stretches. I was back home after about 3 hours.

I didn't receive any receipt for paying the entrance fee, but as it is only possible to get to the spot by paying (or by being the lessee of one of the cabins), this is my first Admit one achievement. In total, I cycled 27.4 km.

Danatar earned the Admit One Achievement
by paying 3 € to access the (51, 13) geohash at Waldbad (forest outdoor swimming pool) Weixdorf on 2015-07-18.
2015-07-18 51 13 eingang.jpg
Danatar earned the Last Man standing achievement
by being the the only hasher world-wide to go on a geohashing expedition on 2015-07-18.
2015-07-18 51 13 hp.jpg

entrance (fee 3€)  
water temperature 24 °C  
almost there at 15:40 (no people at the spot yet)  
GPS at 4 p.m.  
hashpoint at 4 p.m. (now with people)  
coordinates reached after swimming  
swimming here  


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