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All locations: .0075376, .5622691
Globalhash: -88.64322400976, 22.416884197744 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Las Cruces, New Mexico my two kids age 4, Fugads, 1. South of US 404, near Anthony NM/TX (near the Texas/NM border). Great spot ...
Borrego Springs, California LucasBrown In a grassy field nestled between the Sunrise Highway and CA SR79 at their ...
Frederick, Maryland OfficeLinebacker Gonna give this one a try. -- OfficeLinebacker (talk) @39.0930,-77.1553 17...
Basel, Switzerland TheOneRing on a road near Krauchtal (canton Bern).
Utrecht, Netherlands Eupeodes On the edge of the parking of a office store in Veenendaal. Might be just i...
Bielefeld, Germany pah, GeorgDerReisende, wendy On a parking lot behind the "real SB" super market in Bielefeld Sieker.
Manchester, United Kingdom Sjorford A field about Nantwich.

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