2013-04-23 -35 148

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Tue 23 Apr 2013 in -35,148:
-35.2584877, 148.9798555

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Beside the Molonglo River up-stream of the city's sewage treatment plant, near 2013-02-02 -35 148.



Go after work, and visit some folk on the way back to home.


I had forgotten that there are walking trails through the river-side reserve. I had also forgotten how steep is the river-side bank area.

It was geting seriously dark by the time I got there, and I trecked in to within several hundred metres horizontally from the hash and realised that I did not wish spend another 45 minutes there-and-back and be caught in the dark (Mother Nature), so took some pictures over towards the hash and trecked back. I left the instruction sheet at the sign at the head of the tracks, for someone else to find. (I then took ~2 days to upload the page/pics.)