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West of -30°: .4205777, .9202896
East of -30°: .2584877, .9798555
Globalhash: -43.472219950613, 172.74797680814 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Tumut, Australia 1PE Beside the Molonglo River up-stream of the city's sewage treatment plant, n...
San Jose, California Thomcat In the parking lot of Cisco, near Milpitas and I-880.
Lafayette, Indiana Buttercup It is on the south side of Purdue's campus. The satellite image shows cons...
Lynn, Massachusetts Vbob Somewhere
Portland, Oregon Jim Orchard near a school in Scholls
Warszawa West, Poland Norill, Ziemek Hillock near railway tracks in Żoliborz, Warsaw district.

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