2013-02-02 -35 148

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Sat 2 Feb 2013 in -35,148:
-35.2335908, 148.9685229

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On the western bank of the Molonglo River, just down-stream of Canberra's waste water treatment plant.


1PE (Canberra)


This hash is on privately held farming land, on the "other side" of the Molonglo river.

I intended to NOT go to the hash -- therre was no point -- yet the road by the water treatment plant was about the nearest road to the hash anyway! So... Go out to the treatment plant and photograph from there.


I drove along the road to/beside the water treatment plant (poo farm; no smell; it produces super-clean water that goes directly into the inland river) and found several photo-friendly sites that look across at the hash. See the pics.