2013-03-28 38 -76

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Thu 28 Mar 2013 in 38,-76:
38.6717396, -76.1702692

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[edit] Location

In a swamp/marsh about 100 feet from a road in Oxford, MD

[edit] Participants

OfficeLinebacker (talk)OfficeLinebacker

[edit] Plans

[edit] Expedition

After reaching the geohash for Washington DC West, I decided to try for this one. I took the Beltway to 50 and crossed the Bay Bridge as well as the Kent Narrows Bridge, where the flatbed of a truck carrying a load of sod had collapsed under the weight and literally broken in half. I couldn't take a pic, unfortunately.

The area was in Oxford, MD, on the Eastern Shore. I had to push my way through some tall grass. The ground was a really muddy marsh near a river. Carnivores take pieces of deer and stuff and eat it out there, as witnessed by a deer bone found by itself on the grass. Going was very tough as I had to choose my steps carefully. I tried to stick to the open areas (not with the stiff grass) and aim for the clumps where the footing was solid.

The GPS dance took a while as accuracy was very low, but I finally zeroed in on the spot. Just as I started to head back, I picked the wrong foot spot and my leg sank into the mud up to my calf. The next step was quick and my other foot sank in, as well. I quickly went to my hands and barely was able to get my right foot out of the muck--it almost sucked my boot off.

After that I made it back to shore with only one more time my boot sinking into the mud but not even up to the ankle.

I got back to the car and took off my boots and put them in the passenger side footwell to try to dry them and dry my soaking wet left sock.

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