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West of -30°: .8897323, .8669833
East of -30°: .9447156, .1796635
Globalhash: 80.048816599059, -115.32115277978 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Melbourne, Australia expedition 2:, Lachie, Felix Dance, Tim Blundy, Cam, expedition 1:, Stevage In the middle of the Springvale Botanical Cemetery, in Melbourne's outer so...
Tecate, Mexico LucasBrown Off Marguerite Canyon Drive, Lakeside, CA
Chicago, Illinois Haberdasher Just outside an industrial building in Bellwood.
Pforzheim, Germany Deuded, RecentlyChanged Really near the Border to Germany, accesible I think and hope
Stuttgart, Germany Ekorren Freiberg am Neckar, just a simple track

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