2013-01-07 41 -87

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Mon 7 Jan 2013 in Chicago:
41.8897323, -87.8669833

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Just outside an industrial building in Bellwood.



Although it was nearby, I had written off this one due to time constraints and lack of transportation, but as it happens my father was more than willing to accompany me upon arriving home, as long as it was on public property and it didn't take too long. The first condition seemed fulfilled- Google Maps leaves it somewhat ambiguous as to whether the geohash is inside or outside the building, and outside would be within accuracy- and I was willing to fulfill the second as well.

As we drew nearer, I became concerned upon seeing that many of the industrial buildings on the road were fenced off, but the one chosen by the hashpoint, Solo Laboratories, was not. As I got out of the car, I was told I had three minutes to get proof before we had to leave. The GPS refused to update, even after asking it to calculate a route, but since I knew it was right next to the wall, I ran alongside it and took my picture and a picture of the building. The first hash of the new year was a success!