2013-01-07 48 9

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Mon 7 Jan 2013 in 48,9:
48.9447156, 9.1796635

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Freiberg am Neckar, just a simple track




It was too easy, hardly off my "where I'm going anyway" route, so when I checked the coordinates on Friday I just thought "this won't require any planning". On monday, I totally had forgotten about the hash and it came back into my mind a little bit late... but not entirely too late to try. I could still spend 33 minutes for a stopover at a train station a few km from the hash. And so I did.

Well, there were about 9 km to go by bike within of that time (round trip), including traffic lights, traffic, a significant hill to cross twice, and documenting the visit.

And still, it worked out. However, to show just how narrow the time-planning was, let's just say... there were two trains I could take to continue after the visit: One at 17:21, one at 17:24. I missed the first but caught the second.