2012-08-20 -35 149

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2012-08-20 -35 149 attempt.JPG

Mon 20 Aug 2012 in -35,149:
-35.1831237, 149.0955624

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On a path at the golf course at Gold Creek, ACT.


1PE (Canberra)


1PE (Canberra)[edit]

Not later than one minute after midnight (and then claim the achievement that comes with that, and the multiple by doing it two days in a row -- see 2012-08-19 -35 149.)



I was thwarted by the golf course's fence and gate, and poor posture on the bike. and, the frost on the windscreen when I attempted to leave in plenty of time, so I wasted around 5-10 minutes warming the car/windscreen to clear the frost and so arrived at about 12:10am.

The country club is not open at night, oddly! The suburban cul-de-sacs do not give access to the course.

After driving to a street adjacent to the hash (Tange Place), I attempted a ride-around at what I thought would be an access point near a bike-path overpass near the hash, but proved to have a fence, too. As I turned there, I lost balance and hit the tarmac pathway and scored cuts to both hands, left elbow, and left knee.

Undeterred, I got the 'proof', beside the fence, then rode back to the car.

On the way back, I got some pics at the locked gate of the country club.



Is it true that this user earned the Consecutive midnight frozen bicycle golf combo achievement?
In principle, yes.
But the hashpoint was not actually reached (2012-08-20 -35 149).
2012-08-18 -35 149 far.JPG