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2012-08-18 -35 149 far.JPG

Sun 19 Aug 2012 in -35,149:
-35.2624920, 149.0300963

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Adjacent to William Hovel Drive in Belconnen, ACT.


1PE (Canberra)[edit]


1PE (Canberra)[edit]

Not later than one minute after midnight (and then claim the achievement that comes with that.)


I went to the turn-off from William Hovell Drive and followed the track to the locked gate at the field. I set up the 'proof' of:

  • clock with thermometer,
  • hash sheets,
  • beer (home-made),
  • compass,
  • sextant,

and I was wearing formal attire and carried the violin and bow.

I took several pictures in the moments before midnight then did some re-setting of the camera and managed (in retrospect) to have set the focus to 'close' and make everything blurry after that.

In Australia, there can be serious legal consequences for being found to have trespassed. That is why a locked gate is "sufficient proof" for not going further.





1PE (Canberra)[edit]

Is it true that this user earned the Midnight formal no batteries frozen musical combo achievement?
In principle, yes.
But the hashpoint was not actually reached (2012-08-19 -35 149).
2012-08-18 -35 149 far.JPG