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Sebring Port St Lucie 27,-79
Fort Myers Palm Beach 26,-79
Marco Island Miami Bimini, The Bahamas

Today's location: not yet announced

The Palm Beach graticule is located at 26, -80 and is home to all of Palm Beach county, about half of Broward county, and parts of some neighboring counties. Portions of this graticule are in the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Okeechobee, and the intracoastal waterway. The southwest portion of the graticule is dominated by the Everglades, a good location for either the MNIMB Geohash or the MNB Geohash. The northwest is primarily lake and large expanses of farmlands which may or may not be accessible. Most locations in the eastern half of the graticule should technically be accessible, but many will land on private property, so may need authorization.

Upcoming Hashes[edit]

Active Geohashers[edit]

User Successful Hashes Last Attempt Comments
Dtobias 18 2015-05-11 Before actually making it to a geohash here, got to one in Poughkeepsie, New York while visiting my mom! Have car with GPS navigation, and iPhone 3G with GPS mapping ability.
Million zillion 15 2015-01-24 Based in Sunrise, work in Plantation. I have a car, but my GPS is limited to my cell phone.
Aperfectring 3 2009-07-04 Moved to Portland, Oregon at the end of August 2009. I am leaving my entry here for history's sake.
Rozard 2 2008-09-04 Portable GPS and car for five. Based in Palm Beach Gardens. Created Geohash - Palm Beach, FL Facebook group.
Atebo 0 N/A New to geohashing, geocaching, and the like. Does not have a car, or an iPhone, or a GPS, and actually doesn't live in the area during most of the year. However, during breaks and the like, will probably show up at some Saturday events (after purchasing a portable GPS)
ChiefInspectorTeddybear 0 N/A Based in Northern Fort lauderdale. I have my own GPS and occasional access to a car. I have Munchkin, and several other games!
Gimmickless 0 N/A No GPS, but has car for four. Based in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Can bring games, hula hoop, or deadly wit. Choose two.
HashNinja 0 N/A Based in Plantation. Has a Jeep with room for 3 more (no AC at the moment though!), phone with GPS, and a car dock for easy navigation.
Psypete 0 N/A No portable GPS, but google maps on the phone can't hurt...
Zerox 0 N/A In the graticule just above Palm Beach, but alot of psl hashes tend to be in the atlantic. I have a car but no gps. I need to get a gps, Willing to bring scrabble!

Past Geohashes[edit]

Successful Geohashes[edit]

Date Map Link Attendees Time of Day Location Description Comments
2008-07-18 [map] Aperfectring and Red cordial About 5:30PM On the banks of a detention pond in the City of Boca Raton. This was the first successful recorded hash in the 26, -80 graticule.
2008-07-25 [map] Rozard 3:30PM This geohash point was right near the Tarmac facility north of the Palm Beach Fairgrounds.
2008-09-01 [map] Dtobias 4:51PM In front of a house on a residential street in Lake Worth. Perhaps I was just a couple of feet from it on the wrong side of a fence; the GPS position was a little hazy.
2008-09-04 [map] Rozard 2PM This geohash point was a few feet into the brush at the FPL Main Office parking lot.
2008-09-07 [map] Dtobias 1:48PM This geohash point was next to the entrance road for the Pompano Park racetrack / Isle casino.
2008-09-25 [map] Dtobias 7PM This geohash point was in the lawn just off the sidewalk at the corner of NE 21st St. and NE 2nd Terr., near Dixie Highway, in Pompano Beach.
2008-10-11 [map] Dtobias 4:12PM This geohash point was in the middle of the street on East Commercial Blvd. at its intersection with North Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale (or one of its suburbs). Unfortunately did not meet up with Million zillion
2008-10-11 [map] Million zillion. 4:40PM This geohash point was in the middle of the street on East Commercial Blvd. at its intersection with North Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale (or one of its suburbs). Unfortunately did not meet up with Dtobias.
2008-10-18 [map] Million zillion 4:10PM Next to a corner house (on or near the sidewalk) in Pembroke Pines, near Flamingo Rd. and Taft St.
2008-12-03 [map] Dtobias 7PM This geohash point was in the driveway of the parking lot of an apartment or condo complex next to Trade Winds Park between Pompano Beach and Margate. It was too dark to get a decent picture.
2008-12-06 [map] Aperfectring 1PM and 3PM By the side of the road leading to Lion Country Safari out west of West Palm Beach. Drove through the point at 1PM for the speed racer achievement, and stopped for more pictures at 3PM.
2009-01-17 [map] Dtobias 1:33PM Where the driveway of a house meets the sidewalk along a residential road by a golf course in Deerfield Beach. The first reachable spot that has come up in ages. Now let's hope this graticule gets livelier.
2009-03-05 [map] Dtobias 7:47PM In a street in a residential neighborhood near Margate and Pompano Beach. I seem to be the only one even attempting geohashes in this area lately. (Note from Aperfectring: I am still active, but can only hash on most Saturdays, which means there aren't many I can attend)
2009-05-08 [map] Dtobias 7:11PM On a driveway in a residential neighborhood in Boca Raton. Probably the closest geohash to where I live so far. I stopped by there after work.
2009-06-12 [map] Million_zillion 7:40PM On a front lawn in a residential neighborhood in Sunrise. Easily the closest geohash to where I live so far. I stopped by there after work.
2009-06-23 [map] Million_zillion 7:25PM In the rightmost lane of east-bound Broward Blvd, near Hiatus Road. Another one close to my office, but the weather thwarted a planned meetup with Aperfectring.
2009-07-11 [map] Dtobias 4:11PM In a driveway, between the street and the sidewalk, in Deerfield Beach. One of the most accessible hashpoints yet.
2009-10-03 [map] Million_zillion 5:20PM On the lot of a car dealership in Weston, just off I-75. First decent hashpoint in a while for the southern part of this graticule.
2009-12-10 [map] Dtobias 6:00PM On the back lot of a car dealership in Delray Beach, just off I-79. First decent hashpoint in a while for the central part of this graticule.
2010-03-06 [map] Million_zillion 4:36PM In a backyard in Tamarac, near Nob Hill Rd. and Southgate Blvd. Within walking distance for Million_zillion
2010-03-27 [map] Dtobias 4:00PM In a residential street in Weston Dtobias
2010-05-09 [map] Dtobias 4:28PM In the lawn next to a condominium building in Boca Raton Dtobias
2010-07-11 [map] Million_zillion 3:30PM Between two houses in Sunrise. On the way to visit my parents.
2010-10-19 [map] Million_zillion 1:00PM In the parking lot of a condo in Lauderhill. A quick stop during lunch.
2010-10-28 [map] Million_zillion, Rhonda 6:40PM On the train tracks in Dania Beach, near US-1 and Stirling. Successful meetup with visiting geohasher Rhonda, and ginormous hot fudge sundaes at Jaxson's
2011-03-03 [map] Million_zillion 12:40PM On a suburban street near the Turnpike and I-595. Stopped by during lunch, and while taking a conference call. The whole neighborhood was being repaved.
2011-08-28 [map] Dtobias 3:17PM At the back of a vacant spot in an upscale trailer park in Margate. Stopped by there on a lazy Sunday afternoon the weekend the hurricane missed Florida but bashed New York.
2011-09-16 [map] Million_zillion 11:55AM At the edge of a pond in a housing complex in Margate. Another weekday geohash, followed by lunch at La Granja.
2012-12-12 [map] Million_zillion 11:45AM In the parking lot of the blandest office park in the world. In Coral Springs, near the Sawgrass Expressway. Another weekday geohash, followed by lunch at Char Hut.
2012-12-23 [map] Geoff In the sugar farms southeast of Lake Okeechobee. Air geohash
2013-01-20 [map] Dtobias 12:39PM In a vacant lot in a residential subdivision of suburban Boca Raton. Walked there and back from home.
2013-02-15 [map] Dtobias 6:00PM On a street in the Pompano Beach area. Drove through it.
2013-04-19 [map] Million_zillion 11:51AM On the right-hand north-bound lane of Nob Hill Road in Parkland. Drove through it and stopped for pictures.
2013-04-26 [map] Million_zillion 7:30PM At the entrance to the Isle of Capri Casino & Racetrack in Pompano Beach. Stopped by after work.
2013-07-19 [map] Dtobias 6:11PM On the beach in Boca Raton Walked through it, getting my sandals all wet and sandy
2013-08-15 [map] Dtobias 6:45PM On a street in suburban Boca Raton Drove straight through it
2013-08-17 [map] Dtobias 11:34AM In a park in Pompano Beach Walked through point
2015-01-24 [map] Million_zillion 2:50PM Near Sunrise Lakes Phase 1 in Sunrise, just off of University Drive. Found hashpoint; had chili.
2018-04-21 [map] Million_zillion 7:20PM In the parking lot of a strip mall in Inverrary, just off of Oakland Park Blvd. Found hashpoint in front of a Dunkin Donuts.

Unsuccessful Geohashes[edit]

Date Map Attempter Location Lame Excuse
2008-06-20 [map] Aperfectring In a nature area in Palm Beach Gardens. I was not prepared for a creek crossing and time constraints prevented me from finding another path.
2008-06-21 [map] Aperfectring On a farm near Port Mayaca. Real life decided to rear its ugly head.
2008-06-28 [map] Aperfectring In the north portion of the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Unfortunately this portion of the Refuge is closed to the public.
2008-07-15 [map] Rozard In a swamp area east of Lake Okeechobee and south of some orange groves. I was unsuccessful because of time constraints and a lack of an accessible route.
2008-08-30 [map] Dtobias In Weston. Within a gated community, so I had to be satisfied with visiting a nearby city park.
2008-09-21 [map] Dtobias In Coconut Creek. It turned out to be inside an area surrounded by fences and canals... possibly a landfill since some Waste Management trucks were headed into the area. Couldn't get any closer than a business park on the other side of the fence.
2008-11-15 [map] Dtobias In Boynton Beach. I'd have to go jump in the lake to reach this one.
2008-11-25 [map] Dtobias In Fort Lauderdale. I got within 10 or 20 feet or so of it, but would have had to swim to actually reach the point. My car is parked about 1000 feet from it at the airport Park 'n Save while I'm up in New York for Thanksgiving.
2009-03-14 [map] Dtobias, Million zillion In Boynton Beach. The actual hashpoint was inside a house at which nobody appeared to be home at the time, so we had to settle for meeting out on the street and at a nearby gazebo.
2009-07-04 [map] aperfectring In a sugar cane field near Belle Glade. There were tons of No Trespassing signs posted all over the area.
2010-02-21 [map] Million zillion Inside a computer shop on Powerline Road The shop was closed, and I left my lockpick set at home. (Kidding!)
2010-11-06 [map] Million zillion, Rhonda Outside of a residential building in Boca Raton. Thwarted by a gate and a gallery-full of "No Trespassing" signs
2010-12-20 [map] Dtobias In Boca Raton. The hashpoint was inside a condo building; the closest I got to it was the parking lot outside. There were lights on in there, but I was too chicken to knock on the door.
2011-04-09 [map] Dtobias In Boca Raton. It was in the woods, with No Trespassing signs around it and either locked gates or impenetrable brush deterring attempts even if one were to ignore the signs.
2011-04-30 [map] Dtobias In West Palm Beach. Behind somebody's house, near some sheds and outbuildings, but unreachable behind a gate with a forbidding KEEP OUT sign.
2011-11-06 [map] Million zillion A few feet into a canal in Coral Springs Wasn't in the right mood to go swimming in a canal.
2012-06-20 [map] Million zillion In a house in Plantation Acres Close to the house where I grew up, but not close enough to know who lives there. But at least I met a hashcat! :3
2012-07-30 [map] Million zillion In a canal in Tamarac Wasn't in the right mood to go swimming in a canal.
2015-05-11 [map] Dtobias In Boca Raton. In an Everglades University building, in a tech-oriented business park, a mere few feet behind a guarded entrance requiring student ID.


Period Start Period End Total Hashpoints Swamp Farm City Water
2008-05-21 2009-08-02 439 180 (41.00%) 98 (22.32%) 86 (19.59%) 75 (17.08%)
2009-01-01 2009-08-02 214 87 (40.65%) 51 (23.83%) 33 (15.42%) 43 (20.09%)
2000-01-01 2009-08-02 3502 1445 (41.26%) 801 (22.87%) 704 (20.10%) 552 (15.76%)

Notable Locations[edit]


Ft. Lauderdale[edit]

A city of about 180,000 people. Known for its nightlife, and is a popular spring break location.


A city of about 150,000 people. This city lies on the border of this graticule, and the Miami one.

West Palm Beach[edit]

A city of about 100,000 people. Lots of shopping and nightlife here.

Pompano Beach[edit]

A city of about 100,000 people. Right next to the Hillsboro Mile, a very rich section of the barrier islands.

Boca Raton[edit]

A city of about 85,000 people. This city is generally regarded as upscale.

National Parks[edit]

Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge[edit]

Located just west of Boca Raton, the 147,392-acre (596.47 km²) refuge is primarily Everglades marsh habitat.

Big Cypress National Preserve[edit]

A small corner of this preserve is in the SW corner of this graticule. This area, and a large portion of the area surrounding it, is Everglades marsh habitat.