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Thu 24 May 2012 in 52,5:
52.0504777, 5.1151652

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In a bush next to a road on a Nieuwegein business park.



Mennoowh sure as hell will try to go there. Probably before work in the morning. Wijnland also mentioned something about going there around 17h.

I just landed from Vancouver! Will be at the coordinates around 1630 Wijnland 04:35, 24 May 2012 (EDT)

Tchakkazulu is looking up how to get there by public transit, and will try to be there around 16:30 as well.

elwingelfje tried to motivate her brother (who lives in Utrecht) to go there, but I don't think he did it after all.


Mennoowh's report[edit]

Although I wanted to go in the afternoon with some accomplices, they all turned me down. I then decided to go there on my way cycling to my work. Looking at the location of my house, the hash and my work, I estimated that a Tron should be possible. On the first leg (home-hash) this only forced me to take a little different route from my flat into town than I should normally have done. On an intersection near the supermarket which I visit every day I had to keep to the right side so as not to make my return leg too easily spoil the Tron. Apart from that, no shocking events. I reached the (boring) hashpoint where truckdrivers were loading and unloading their trucks and snapped a few pictures. Not wanting to miss communicating with other hashers, I left a hashmarked envelope for Wijnland to retrieve and took off to my work. On the way back from my work to home, I cycled together with my girlfriend, who almost forced me to take the same intersection that I mentioned above. Luckily I could persuade her for us to keep to the other side of the intersection. Only when I went to check if my GPS-tracks really hadn't crossed each other, I saw my trusty GPS wasn't tracking at all. Therefore you'll have to trust me if I say that really they didn't cross, and my route is displayed below. So, Tron achieved! Hash nr. 2 completed, on to the next!

Wijnlands Report[edit]

I travelled 128 degrees of longitude to catch this geohash! (but have to admit the trip was already planned, do I still qualify for the borderhash then?) Left Vancouver at 1600PDT to arrive in the Netherlands at 1030CET. I had arranged to have a bike ready in Utrecht, but there were some problems there so in the en I went to the coordinates with a borrowed car. It was close to my route, as I had to be in Lunetten anyways. I arrived at 1630 took some pictures (will be posted as soon as i find a camera cable\cardreader somewhere) and I found an envelope plus letter that Mennoowh left for me. the location was somewat boring in a hedge in front of the Hanos (horeca wholesale shop) and I explained to one of their truck divers what i was dooing because he had seen some ohter sketchy person wondering around that morning.

Hurrah, a new graticule for me in a new country, maybe I will try to catch some more hashed in the upcomin weeks, aound NL, or in CH (zurich) where I will also be for a while.

Tchakkazulu's Report[edit]

The bus I was planning to take, and the bit of walking after, would see me at the hash point at :29. Right in time to meet Wijnland! Sadly, I got delayed. As a result, I arrived at :45 instead. I walked around the area for a while, hoping to maybe see someone with a GPSr, or someone who'd recognize my GPSr for what it is, but no such luck.

Drained of energy by the heat, and without proof of actually having been there, I waited for a bus back home.



Mennoowh earned the Tron achievement
by reaching and returning from the (51, 4) geohash without crossing his own tracks on 2012-05-25.
2012-05-25 52 5 tron mennoowh.jpg
Wijnland earned the Border geohash achievement
by crossing the Canada-Netherlands border on 2012-05-24 to reach the (52, 5) geohash.
Wijnland earned the Globetrotter achievement
by visiting hashpoints on 2 continents.