2012-03-02 32 -96

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Fri 2 Mar 2012 in 32,-96:
32.5640004, -96.9787590

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Drive out via the scenic route over the Joe Pool Lake which was between me and the spot.


The site appeared to be in a public park, so I was off for my first geohash attempt.

Left from the office and went toward the site. There were 3 alternative routes offered and I chose the one which went across 2 bridges of Joe Pool lake. The traffic was pretty serious but I arrived, after a trip through a neighborhood, at the park which has a paved parking area.

There were 2 other people already parked there. I expect that the weekday afternoon attendance at the park was a new record.

The park has an excellent view of the broadcast towers at Cedar Hill, to the north, some of which are well over 1000 feet tall.

I proceeded past the playground equipment and down the trail along the edge of the woods. I passed 2 joggers running the dirt trail loop coming the other way and got to the nearest spot to the location. By this time the group in the parking lot has risen to 3 and they were heading along the edge of the woods toward my location.

We all proceeded into the woods via direct gps point to point guidance. After about 10 minutes of woods we arrived at the hash point. (I have nice pictures to upload at some point). We exchanged greetings and proceeded back out to the field, back along the trail, and away.



There are some, which I have to reduce in size.


First geohash but although the pictures are grocoded, they are too big to upload until I get something to edit them down. Also, as I was taking them, none include me...