2011-05-01 53 -2

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2011-05-01 53 -2 hashpoint.jpg
This expedition was part of a multihash by Benjw. For the other parts, see:  
2011-04-30 52 -2 2011-05-01 53 -2

Sun 1 May 2011 in Manchester, UK:
53.0469730, -2.3310002

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A field right next to the M6 motorway between Crewe and Newcastle. Only a couple of metres off a footpath which runs through the field and, helpfully, through a pedestrian tunnel underneath the motorway.



We were driving to a friend's house near Stafford yesterday for a birthday party -- passing through a hashpoint as we did so. We then stayed overnight, so this hashpoint was a simple drive a little further north before turning round and heading home. Initially, I'd thought it was, again, on the motorway itself, but further investigation showed it was a little to one side, in a field.

The field, however, contained a public footpath which ran from a nearby farm entrance and through a helpful pedestrian tunnel under the motorway. We had a leisurely Sunday breakfast in our hotel in Stone, then drove up the A34 to Newcastle and then on minor roads towards the hashpoint. There was no other traffic around, so we parked in a layby near the start of the footpath and proceeded on foot.

The hashpoint itself was easily found only a couple of metres off the footpath. Unfortunately, at this point we discovered that the camera batteries were refusing to work, so we resorted to Plan B, which was to use the webcam in Ben's netbook computer. Much confusion ensued, trying to work out how to get it take photos in the first place, and then how to get it to focus on the GPS readout. We more-or-less managed.

Happily, it was a beautiful sunny day, so a bit of extra time spent standing in a field didn't matter too much. Photos taken, we then made our way back to the car, and set off for home.

Photographic documentation[edit]

Shiny ribbons earned[edit]

Benjw earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (53, -2) geohash on 2011-05-01.
2011-05-01 53 -2 hashpoint.jpg
Benjw earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 2 consecutive hash points starting on 2011-04-30.
Benjw earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging MrsBenjw to the (53, -2) geohash on 2011-05-01.
2011-05-01 53 -2 testing.jpg

Only the second time MrsBenjw has been captured on film!