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Wed 12 May 2010 in 52,13:
52.5216964, 13.4160250

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Alexanderplatz, in an island in the middle of the road near Alexa. This could hardly be more central in Berlin!



  • It would be hard for me to actually miss this one. Any suggestions for the time? 7pm? --davidc 14:39, 11 May 2010 (UTC)
I'm in university till 10pm anyway today, so I'm thinking of hanging around a little longer (which isn't unusual for Tuesdays anyway) and then doing this as a midnight geohash. Jub is at least tconsidering to join me. But I might also come around (again) to something 'meet-up'ly later tomorrow, 7pm or 8pm sounds fine. --HiroProtagonist 16:14, 11 May 2010 (UTC)
FYI: According to OSM the hash is right above the tunnel, so somebody could try fro an speedracer undreground geohash here =)
Update this page if you go tonight, it's very close to me so I'll join you. --davidc 16:36, 11 May 2010 (UTC)
The PC Pool at university closes now, but I'll send you an SMS if I do go at midnight. --HiroProtagonist 16:42, 11 May 2010 (UTC)
will try to be there on the evening of the 12th (and look for traces :-) ) --Phoenix 18:45 11 May 2010 (UTC)


We planned to make this a midnight geohash given how convenient it was for us. davidc and then HiroProtagonist both arrived a few minutes before midnight. Given the ease and familiarity of the spot, the "no batteries geohash" was an easy win, though the iPhone was then pulled out to confirm the location and provide proof.

JUB and his drag-along, however, had failed to even look at the map and, arriving by car, had only time to text that they were at Alexa (the nearby multi-block shopping mall) before Hiro's batteries died. It didn't help that the street the hashpoint was on is called "Alexanderplatz", the same name as an adjacent street, the U and S-bahn train stations, the TV tower, and the market area. The whole area is called Alexanderplatz! Hiro set off by bike to look for them, while they themselves wandered around and found davidc at the hashpoint around 00:15. Hiro returned a few moments later and silly grins were produced.

The satellite maps are out of date given the recent and ongoing construction in the area - the hashpoint was on a pedestrian traffic island in the middle of the road, rather than in a car-park as one might suppose. Consequently there was no place to put our poster, so we settled on sticking it to some hoarding on the west side of the street.

JUB was teased for failing the midnight geohash and was dared to play the lying-down game in penance. It would have been an ideal spot (despite the hour), but drizzle had started just after 00:00 and he refused. However, a pub geohash was within reach - we observed from the hash-point both a local dive bar and a summer beer-tent/club on Alexanderplatz itself.

We elected for the latter, and all four of us earned the pub geohash achievement at what I believe was named the "Alexoase" (Alexanderplatz oasis). Clearly erected for the upcoming warm weather and tourist trade, it was adorned with polar bears and icy decorations, but rather deserted so early in the year. We were kicked out at 01:15 and separated, davidc returning home by bike and the others returning home by car.

It was just as I neared home that I, davidc, realised that I had gone the whole way and back without crossing my trail (except walking in and out of the bar without my bicycle, which is permitted) and made a final detour to return home earning the Tron achievement. Of course, one day I plan to do a more substantial Tron route than this meagre 4km.



HiroProtagonist, davidc and JUB earned the Pub Geohash Achievement
by visiting a pub visible from the (52, 13) geohash on 2010-05-12.
2010-05-12 52 13 IMG 2180.JPG
davidc earned the Tron achievement
by reaching and returning from the (52, 13) geohash without crossing his own tracks on 2010-05-12.
HiroProtagonist and davidc earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (52, 13) geohash on 2010-05-12.
HiroProtagonist and davidc earned the Midnight Geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 13) geohash on 2010-05-12 in the middle of the night.
2010-05-12 52 13 IMG 0226.PNG