2009-01-01 51 -2

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Thu 1 Jan 2009 in 51,-2:
51.3784381, -2.8331568

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Goldcont and Bluecont braved the frosty weather welcome in 2009 by completing their first Geohash of the year.

After discovering that this hash was within short travel travel distance a daring plan was hatched out. Our brave and noble party (if few in number) did venture off into the local fields. Armed with no more than their wits and a compass (the compass was by far the more useful tool) they sought the treasure that awaited them. This adventure was all the more impressive for Goldcont because only 3 weeks prior to this date he had broken a bone in his foot during a terrible gravitationally induced vertical collision with a hard floor (and not at all due to him being a complete idiot).

The has point was found in the middle of an open field which was guarded on all sides by impassable waterways (tauntingly so, as evidenced by the photographic documentation).

Following their "exacting" location of the hash point ("Close enough?", "Close enough") the Exact point of the has was found; sadly geohashes in 2009, much like those in 2008, do not come with a pot of gold nor do they provide cake. Mutinous disapointment followed.



This expedition qualified for the following achievements: