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West of -30°: .9506115, .0113219
East of -30°: .8059652, .2528146
Globalhash: 55.073744119276, -88.986761906159 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Cleveland, Tennessee Bo Daugherty, nate starkey, Alex Collier, brett coleman The coordinates for this day were set near an abandoned warehouse off Casey...
San Francisco, California Richard Soderberg Lime Ridge Open Space, in Concord.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania his son, jevanyn, the flying pongo brothers A suburban street near Cherry Hill, NJ, in the northeast corner of the grat...
Seattle, Washington Mrs.5000, niece#1, michael5000 Near Panther Lake, east of Everett, Washington.
Norwich, United Kingdom MagicIan At the edge of a field just north of Aylsham
Berlin, Germany davidc, it's my, relet Forest in Nassenheide, near Oranienburg. 7 minute train from Oranienburg, a...

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