2009-11-27 47 -122

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Fri 27 Nov 2009 in 47,-122:
47.9506115, -122.0113219

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Near Panther Lake, east of Everett, Washington.




Driving home from Bellingham the day after Thanksgiving, we left I-5 at about six p.m. and wound through increasingly smaller roads east of Everett. As we got closer to the hash point, we made a few wrong turns in the now total darkness, but eventually got to a shoulder on Panther Lake Road, a narrow gravel lane. We were only about twenty meters from the hash point, but that twenty meters was up a steep and densely forested slope -- a short walk, but out of the question on a dark winter night.

We shut off the car engine and listened to a nearby stream gurgle for a few minutes, then Niece #1 took a picture of Mrs.5000 & I in the front seat. A brief moment of marital discord occurred when I pretended the car wouldn't start, but I was eventually forgiven.