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Fri 27 Nov 2009 in 39,-75:
39.9506115, -75.0113219

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A suburban street near Cherry Hill, NJ, in the northeast corner of the graticule.


  • Jevanyn and his son
  • The Flying Pongo Brothers


I had the day off from work, and with nothing really planned for the day, I checked the peeron map at around 10AM. The geohash landed in the upper right corner, in Bergen County for my graticule, and that meant the Philadelphia graticule would be in play.

Gwynnath thought I was nucking futs. You want to drive where? On Black Friday? Isn't that spot near a mall? You're going to be stuck in traffic the whole way? But she knows I wouldn't go so far out of the way unless I knew I could make it, and she knows about the Minesweeper achievement. She's a saint :-)


I was responsible for watching my son, so we planned a little adventure. He wanted to bring a book (not a story book, just a cool-looking red one), a pail, Charlie the raptor, and something else that was red. I brought a trio of penguin-looking juggling bean bags, Kyukket's camera and spare batteries. Gwynnath pointed out Evan's hat and gloves in his school backpack.

Between the penguins and the raptor puppet, I couldn't help but think "What's black and white and red all over? Geohashing, of course!"

The moment we got there, as I lined up a picture of the hashpoint itself, Evan makes a break for it. Doesn't bother him in the slightest that we're in a strange neighborhood. All he knows is he's finally out of the car and gets to run around.

After catching him, I tried a bit of juggling. I can juggle two with some confidence, but I don't get enough practice to get three going.

Of course, Evan wanted to try. So I gave him two, and he threw them willy-nilly.

A good time was had by all!


US-206-S to I-295-S to NJ-38?-W.



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This user achieved level 5 of the Minesweeper Geohash achievement
by visiting coordinates in Newark, New Jersey and 5 of the surrounding graticules.
This user earned the Circus Geohash Achievement
by juggling baby penguins and balancing one on his head at the (39, -75) geohash on 2009-11-27.