2009-10-04 51 7

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Sun 4 Oct 2009 in 51,7:
51.0306115, 7.0173778

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in a street, next to Autobahn A3 / E24 exit Leverkusen 24.


relet and lyx


relet and lyx had been to a concert by the awesome, lovely, true, great musicians Lindalou and Michael Ryge who happened to have come from California and were playing in the village Nideggen somewhat close to Belgium. As we already were in the middle of 50,6 we thought we might as well go see the geohash in Luxembourg.


Only after the concert, we asked the Tomtom how far the hash in Luxembourg would be. Unfortunately, it indicated us two more hours driving, as the route would be mostly on the smaller streets. Given that we had already driven two hours to get here, that would have boosted our trip time to a full eight hours, discounting the nightly climbing in the woods that we would have to do at the destination. We therefore decided to hop by the boring and easy hash for the Dortmund graticule instead. It would be right next to the A1 where we had passed earlier in the evening.

We programmed Lady "drive straight through the roundabout" Tomtom for Leverkusen and set off. Destination was reached at half past midnight. We first expected the hash to fall into one of the neatly placed trash containers along the roadside, but were lucky. We took the usual photos, and scratched the sidewalk with a stone to make up for a marker.

Then, we headed home, not being able to listen to the CD which Michael and Lindalou made a gift for us, as only a cassette player was available to us in the car.