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All locations: .0306115, .0173778
Globalhash: -84.489926910289, -173.74398413729 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Roswell, Georgia NWoodruff On a driveway of a house near Suwanee Georgia.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina Oracle989 This point fell at N36°1.8366', W80°1.0426', which just so happens to be in...
Scranton, Pennsylvania jevanyn was planning to go with Worthington State Park, on the NJ side of the river
Lansing, Michigan excellentdude The day's coordinates were on a farm in Lenawee County.
Kenosha, Wisconsin fbfree Way out in the water??
Regensburg, Germany dawidi In an already harvested corn field between Hinterberg and Kneiting, just ac...
Plzeň, Czech Republic hans, dawidi, tomcat In a shrubbery next to a rather remote bend of the river Regen, a few Kilom...
Amiens, France NeThuS on the street, in a residential area of Cergy, a little north from Paris
Arras, France NeThuS in a field, near a village called Bouchon
Swindon, United Kingdom JonRead The Middle Of Nowhere, East Meon
Dortmund, Germany lyx, relet in a street, next to Autobahn A3 / E24 exit Leverkusen 24.
Rheine, Germany Arvid Tracklog by bicycle Link doesn't work. I know. Saw a pheasant, a squirr...

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