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West of -30°: .1572655, .6975680
East of -30°: .4696622, .3280326
Globalhash: -5.460802758261, -61.908252276085 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Jacksonville, Florida Mr. Bow Tie, Woodveil True to form, we left for the hash around 1:15. On our bikes, we went for t...
Roswell, Georgia NWoodruff Somewhere
Albuquerque, New Mexico Bishop Wash Bishop Wash: My wife had to travel out of town this day, so I was cel...
Genève, Switzerland Crox In a vineyard in Mont-sur-Rolle.
Würzburg, Germany Euterkuh, fivetonsofflax On a field near Bödigheim
Erfurt, Germany Reinhard was way too far south for Reinhard to just cycle there and back in the even...
Leipzig, Germany Manu When Reinhard told Manu the day before, that the coordinates of the Leipzig...
Berlin, Germany hiro will be dragging along her, HiroProtagonist, Phoenix, relet Bundesallee 81, Berlin
Stockholm, Sweden Yann Vernier A residential area by the coast.

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