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Thu 30 Jul 2009 in 51,12:
51.4696622, 12.3280326

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When Reinhard told Manu the day before, that the coordinates of the Leipzig graticule would be reachable for "hardworking bikers" and the weather forecast had good news, too, Manu started to plan her trip and was looking forward to actualize it the next day. After work she ate a bowl of cereals and started about 7 p.m. Although she had to cross the city and fight against the wind she soon was near the hash and had her first break at lake Werbelin only 1 km away from the geohash. As there was a asphaltic road nearly directly leading to the geo hash she arrived there only a few minutes later. Fortunately the field on which the hash was located was already harvested, so Manu could easily walk to the exact coordinates. All you could see from there was the big field, the houses of Brodenaundorf and departing airplanes from the close airport Leipzig/Halle. On her way home Manu took a longer way as she was tracking some new roads. She arrived home before the dusk after a trip of 57 km.