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West of -30°: .4174469, .0693001
East of -30°: .3825761, .9113854
Globalhash: -21.136310729021, 148.09872797882 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Wollongong, Australia Mrchips0 This hash falls at the Fernhill Soccer Club's junior fields, just off Moray...
Melbourne, Australia Felix Dance, Stevage Somewhere
Atlanta, Georgia NWoodruff I met up with a couple of dogs that were guarding the house. It was a long ...
Lafayette, Indiana Qunchuy, qunchuy's son at the edge of a cornfield southeast of Kokomo, just south of Indiana Highw...
McMinnville, Oregon Jim South of Hillsboro, Oregon - Near Bald Peak Road
Augsburg, Germany Zb Somewhere
Pforzheim, Germany nick mz The Woods. Near Rangendingen.
Mannheim, Germany ilpadre Expedition total: 6 hours, cycled 61 km My topographic map of the ar...
Carlow, Ireland JRK My second Irish expedition. I live in Waterford graticule, but I work 30 ki...
Hannover, Germany Chrismz was located in a wheatfield just outside the village of Ahlten about 10km e...

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