2009-06-08 40 -86

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Mon 8 Jun 2009 in Lafayette, IN:
40.4174469, -86.0693001

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Today's geohash is at the edge of a cornfield southeast of Kokomo, just south of Indiana Highway 26.



After having been introduced to the concept, I was watching for convenient locations. This one was perfectly suited for a first try.


On my lunch hour, I drove home, picked up my son (and a hashcot), and drove right out to the coordinates. The county road was barely wide enough to park on without getting into the ditch, but we managed. It was starting to rain as we walked out into the field, stepping carefully over the low rows of young corn, following the numbers on the GPS to find the exact location. Holding the umbrella to shield the GPS and the camera proved problematic. Photographic evidence of reaching the coordinates was foiled by the rain. We dashed back to the car, got minimal mud on the floormats, and shrugged at each other as the rain quit a few seconds after we drove off.


Photograph soon.


Qunchuy earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (40, -86) geohash on 2009-06-08.