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All locations: .9585510, .0748822
Globalhash: 82.539173472005, -153.04240021368 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Melbourne, Australia Felix Dance Somewhere
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina NCBears Somewhere
Atlanta, Georgia NWoodruff turned out to be in a vacant and for sale house. It may have been in forecl...
Elizabethtown, North Carolina NCBears Somewhere
San Francisco, California Danfuzz smack dab in the middle of a small city park called Las Juntas Park, in Ple...
Newark, New Jersey Avish While visiting the US from Israel, Avish chose this day for his first-ever ...
Roseburg, Oregon User:aaronpk Saturday's location is actually a reasonable distance from Eugene for once!...
Bellingham, Washington Rhonda, Robyn I was going to do this as a pure bicycle geohash, riding the entirety of th...
Landshut, Germany dawidi Between Hohengebraching and Niedergebraching, a couple of kilometers south ...
Vernon, British Columbia Juventas Near Eagle Bay, between two arms of Shuswap Lake.

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