2008-09-02 43 -88

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Tue 2 Sep 2008 in Fond du Lac:
43.9290373, -88.9681321

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This hash turned out to be in the middle of a corn field. Accessible via a small dirt path.


I was off today so I decided that I would finally attempt to actually make it to a hash. The coordinates for the Appleton graticule were a little far off for me to get to on the cheap, but Fond du Lac's site was more reasonable, so I went there instead. Dug out the GPS and the camera, fueled up Stella, and headed off. It was fairly windy today, which made it a little nerve wracking driving the scooter all the way out there, but I did manage to survive. This was my first time out that way, so I poked around Berlin a little and found a nice park by the river and took advantage of its soda machine. On my way out to the hashsite I ran across a (maybe) 2/3 scale X-Wing which I completely forgot to take a picture of. This was a pretty uneventful expedition, with the site being fairly accessible, not around anything of interest and with no one else showing up. It was a nice excuse to take a long ride on the scooter though, so it was worth it. --Mitchp

Mitchp earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (43, -88) geohash on 2008-09-02.