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Singing the ode of silliness

Sat 16 Aug 2008 in Magdeburg:
52.3351359, 11.6121764

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Expedition map - Stops: Brandenburg, Magdeburg, Braunschweig, Hannover, Hamburg (West), Hamburg (East), Schwerin, Müritz, Uckermark

The Expedition (2)[edit]

The next hash on relet's path lay just a bit north of Magdeburg, conveniently close to the Autobahn A2, which provides an almost linear connection to the first one. This allowed him to reach the hash in less than one hour, all the while observing the legal speed limits (which are nonexistent for most of the distance). Thus imagine relet flying with some 180km/h through the night, later guided by the car's slinky navigation system.

He reached the roadside near the hash, and performed a sprint across some unkempt wilderness and the stubble field which contained the hash, still only by moonlight. The hash was near the center of the field. Relet took a quick photo of the GPS and the clock. 57 Minutes from one hash to the other, including the time for searching and packing. This may well be the fastest time to reach two consecutive hash points on the same day - for now, we should presume. Well, relet burst into a spontaneous ode, addressed to the muses of silliness.

And on to the next hash.