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Sat 16 Aug 2008 in Hamburg (West):
53.3351359, 9.6121764

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Expedition map - Stops: Brandenburg, Magdeburg, Braunschweig, Hannover, Hamburg (West), Hamburg (East), Schwerin, Müritz, Uckermark

The expedition (5)[edit]

The drive to Hamburg took a little longer, as graticules are larger in the north-south direction. Nonetheless, relet arrived at about 4:30am in the beautiful village of Hollinden. Despite the fact that it too is next to the autobahn, it consists of a dozen of exceptionally large, wealthy-looking old farm houses. From the cobble-stoned village street, relet took a field track into the backcountry. He was immediately enclosed by a mystical landscape of horse pastures, old trees and the thick ground fog that lingered above everything. While slowly driving the bumpy track, hares, rabbits and roes made way, puzzled as to who might deign to enter their realm at this time of the day.

Relet stopped the car in a small side road, not far from the hash. He proceeded by foot, and discovered the hash to be inside one of the grazing grounds. No horses in sight, though he found some dug up areas, which might have been raptor deeds. He lingered around until ten past six, as the sunrise monitor indicated a time of 6:02am for the area of Hamburg this day. He wasn't able to see the sunrise, though, as it was still foggy. He left four hash marks in the surrounding bushes at the entrance of the field. He was really looking forward to surprising fellow geohashers, as this and the next graticule were the only active ones on his trip.

Not having slept this night (sleep deprivation achievement, anyone?), he decided to take a nap for a few hours. He woke up two hours later. The fog hadn't lifted yet, but the roes had closed in again. He observed them grazing in the field, while having a healthy breakfast of pasta, shiitake and summer vegetables in coconut milk - Thank god for those field track five star restaurants They were leftovers from the evening.

Refreshed and satiated, he waved this wonderful place a goodbye and slowly drove on to the next hash.