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Expedition planning[edit]


I'll be there at 4:00, and plan to earn both the Bicycle and Pub geohash Achievements this day.


Sounds like a great idea. This will be my second Saturday in a row biking up that way.


I have to drop my wife off in West Seattle around 4:30, but I plan on being at the geohash/pub after that, so stick around long enough for me to have a drink with you, will ya?

I think we can probably do that. Maybe a return to the hashpoint after the pub. I'll bring a game to occupy time while we wait. --Thomcat 20:07, 27 June 2008 (UTC)


I'll get to the spot at 4, then be at the pub afterwards. We can all get drunk, and sing the new song, until they throw us out.


I'll try to be there at 4! Pub sounds like a great idea! I'll bring along Zombie Flux just in case?



I'm not old enough to drink, so I'll probably have to skip out on that. I'll probably bring along a couple of friends.

The pub in question has a family section also; come have a root-beer!


I'll be there with some sort of pub-appropriate game(s). For those in the Seattle area interested in Public Transport Geohash, here's the appropriate google maps link (just change the Start address).


I would make it, since I live in Ballard/Fremont,except that I need to go to Renton by 4. Anyone going to be there early?

Trying for First Geohasher? ;) I've got a GPS, canon camera, and a plan to be there shortly before 4. I can snap your pic for the achievement, then you can take off for Renton. If that trip takes more than an hour I'd be surprised. It's not like we have to fight Mariner traffic this year...

Ouch, that's cold -- Leoger


I'll be there with AaronStJ, late but full of all the enthusiasm in the universe!