2008-06-28 29 -82

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Sat 28 Jun 2008 in 29,-82:
29.6581110, -82.3656342

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  • Ixphin and company were a bit late.

The Place[edit]

Just south of NW Eighth Avenue at about the 2800 block in Gainesville, FL. It looks like it is on the border of or really close to the Loblolly Woods Nature Park (run by the City of Gainesville).

Success (Mostly)[edit]

Ixphin and three of his ilk walked up through Loblolly getting very close to the location. On the positive side we met two others on the trip, so overall the meetup was a success. On the downside I somehow moved my GPS's waypoint while on the walk and we ended up a couple blocks west of the real point when we took our photos, but we did pass the real point and I doubt anyone wanted to trek into the swampy woods.

Ironic post-geohash coincidence[edit]

margofish was unable to attend this geohash party because she was in California visiting the friend whose parents own the property under this GPS point. If only he had come HOME, we could have thrown a kick-ass party and been the first to win the Couch Potato Geohash award. Plus they have a pool.