2008-06-07 37 -121

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in San Jose, California:
37.5017842, -121.1143708

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  • Google Maps link
  • In a farm field in Patterson (SE of Tracy.) Appears to be easy access, with farmer's permission (Please do not tresspass!)

Intended attendees[edit]

  • Ted (and Vicki) will try to arrive around 3:30 to get permission, then off to the spot for 4:00. Will bring once upon a time. Also going to attempt the no-batteries & circus achievements.
  • Shrugged Will try to arrive around 4ish and hope Ted already got permission. Going to attempt to drag-along geohash by making one or more friends go with her. Will bring playing cards.


Ted earned the Circus Geohash Achievement
by performing at the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-06-07.
  • Ted (and Vicki) made it. The entire group got the No-Batteries achievement. Ted also got the Circus achievement, Vicki the 1st hasher, and Ted & Vicki the XKCD-100.
    • Pix to follow probably tomorrow (Sunday.)
    • [1]< Circus Achievement
  • Shrugged and Jason also made it. They also got the no-batteries achievement, and Shrugged awarded herself the Drag-along achievement for bringing Jason with her. Jason has prepared several proof photos to show off the glorious day in the hay field. If anyone's offended by any of the photos feel free to remove.
    • We played a great game that Ted and Vicki brought called Once Upon A Time. Shrugged and Jason loved it, and think their Improv group should play it. Indeed, Shrugged drove all the way to Concord the same evening to purchase said game.
  • In a bout of silliness, Ted also laid claim to the Cold geohash achievement, setting the record for the coldest Geohash to date, at 88°F :)

Photographic Evidence[edit]

I didn't get a picture of where we ate, but I saved the menu for this page. They were actually closing down the place (for the day) due to lack of business when we arrived. They agreed to let us in. Our cook was very precise and deliberate in her execution, and I thought the results were good. Ted got a double bacon cheeseburger. Vickie got a cheeseburger. Jason got a chicken burger, and Paige got a veggie burger.