2008-06-07 30 -84

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in Tallahassee, Florida:
30.5017842, -84.1143708

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June 07, 2008 Meetup for Tallahassee, Florida[edit]

  • While the *exact* point is on private property, we can certainly meet up on Star View Lane, a few yards north of the exact spot.

Raptor Alert![edit]

  • Participants in this particular GeoHash should be extremely careful, as one of the roads in this sub-division is called Raptor Court!


On the other hand, we may be able to qualify for a Raptor achievement award!

We'll need to be particularly vigilant to make sure we don't become victims, while at the same time obtaining photographic evidence of any raptors...


Four brave citizens of Tallahassee ventured into the unknown and endured 100+ degree heat at Saturday's meetup! In order of appearance, there were Brian, James, then James and John, all parked on Star View Lane by 4:15 PM. Together, we journeyed to the exact spot, which turned out to be right beside a horseyard fence. We were all on the lookout for raptors, but they kept from sight and evaded detection. However, we did make friends with two horses (Daisy and Dallas), Jethro the dog (or was it Jacobah?), and Susan (Sarah?), the owner of the property. Later, Brian's raptor repellent (pictured below) served the dual purposes of protection and refreshment as we paused for pictures beneath the scariest street sign any of us had ever seen. As the heat continued to beat down upon us, we decided to relocate to a nearby vendor of fresh fruit milkshakes. There, underneath the canopy of a multi-colored beach umbrella, we devoured our shakes (thanks, James!) and played a few rounds of Treehouse and Martian Chess, and later, Nacho Loco. All in all, it was a great day, and I believe we each managed to survive the extreme temperature - although, judging from my incomplete recollection of the names of the GeoHash spot's residents, maybe I wasn't so lucky.