2008-06-05 34 -117

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Thu 5 Jun 2008 in 34,-117:
34.0664391, -117.1843892

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The geohash location was 34.066439N, 117.18439W, in some random residential area of Redlands, CA in the San Bernardino graticule.

The Geohash[edit]

So, somewhere around 8:00 and some in the evening, Martin and I decided to go on our first geohash. Fortunately, the hash seemed to be more or less reachable! Unfortunately, it also happened to be in some seedy-looking part of Redlands. Nevertheless, these things must be done for the sake of the internets! So, our exciting trip began with a drive down the freeway wherein we missed our expected exit (Tennessee St.), pulled off onto the next one (Orange St.), and then desperately tried to find our way back to the first, passing many lovely streets like New York, Alabama, Texas, and Vermont (I sense a theme...). Finally getting back to Tennessee, we're convinced that the E-W running street we're looking for is north, so we head north. Of course, it was south, as we realized when we hit the freeway again. So we do the natural thing and head eastward looking for one of the N-S running streets we needed. We pass more states until we give up and head southward. Finally, we find our E-W running street! We just need to park somewhere. And Martin's not too thrilled about just leaving his car somewhere random (this being somewhere around 9:20-9:30 in the evening in a sketchy neighborhood with random people everywhere). So we circle the block a couple of times. Oh, and we find Orange St. to be just two blocks down from the geohash. Eventually, we park in front of the house indicated on Google maps (and, fortunately, the location was on the street and not in the house). Our only form of camera is Martin's cell phone, so getting photos was interesting. Also, there was a creepy balding middle-aged man staring at us through his blinds in the house behind me. Martin got sufficiently freaked out somewhere in middle of taking the first photo, so we left before earning a Raptor_geohash honorable mention for getting shot at.


Surprisingly, we were the only two geohashers there at 9:30pm in a sketchy neighborhood in Redlands. We're still trying to figure out why....