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I've been out of the game for a while, but I've moved into the San Francisco graticule, where I expect I might find a few more participants than in San Bernardino, so I just might have to pick it back up again!

(Old text currently up until I rewrite it)

I'm Chris and I write this having just come back from my first geohash (exciting writeup and picture to come when I get around to it). Most of my geohashing will be in the San Bernardino graticule, though ones sending me into the Air Force base may force me to use one of the other nearby graticules. (I go to Harvey Mudd College which is basically in the lower left corner of the San Bernardino graticule, so I have options.) I may do a little bit in the Grants Pass graticule when I go back there, but it honestly doesn't seem to be overly exciting when it's accessible, anyway. We'll see.

Will probably do most geohashes with Martin on the grounds that he has a car and I don't.

Geohashes Geohashed[edit]

2008-06-07_34_-117 (attempted)


Land Geohash -- I feel so special for achieving this. I must be the only one!