2004-11-12 59 18

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Fri 12 Nov 2004 in 59,18:
59.3453552, 18.1007515

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Right by a tree next to an apartment block near Gärdet.




To try out my new code for generating all Retro hashes around your position I decided to try as many as I could during three days.

First retro, day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Retro Expedition 2012-02-09[edit]

I continued from the last retro up the street and up a hill. Some pics along the way. This retro stuff is a good way to really learn your city.

When I reached the top of the hill I found the tree that was the hash but the hash was getting confused by the clouds and buildings but according to Google maps I was right on the spot. Took some pics and continued to the next one.

2004-11-12 59 18 14-39-33-765.jpg