1991-07-04 59 18

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Thu 4 Jul 1991 in 59,18:
59.3313441, 18.0211381

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Either inside Mariot Courtyard Hotel or on the sidewalk next to it.




To try out my new code for generating all Retro hashes around your position I decided to try as many as I could during three days.

First retro, day 1:

  • 1991-07-04 59 18

Day 2:

Day 3:

Retro Expedition 2012-02-07[edit]

I was working on an erlang module for geohashing and was trying it out on some retro hashes and I found one just 126 m from my home. So I got some winter clothes on since it was -8C and walked to it. It was either on the sidewalk outside of the Mariot Courtyard hotel or inside, but I got to 0.4 m on the GPS one the sidewalk. Snapped a pic and send a message and then walked home since it was late and cold.