1970-10-18 59 18

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Sun 18 Oct 1970 in 59,18:
59.3301344, 18.0115285

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Just outside the heating facility for this campus.




To try out my new code for generating all Retro hashes around your position I decided to try as many as I could during three days.

First retro, day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Retro Expedition 2012-02-09[edit]

As I crossed over the Campus I entered under part of a building connecting to another one, and then onto an empty area with a heating facility. The hash was just by the entrance to this facility. Managed to snap some snow in the pics. And The white balance tries to compensate for the sodium street light so the snow looks green. Weird but cool. Then under the Essinge Led to the next hash. Gonna skip one retro that is smack in the middle of the highway so only accessible by car, but I've driven through that tons of times.

1970-10-18 59 18 18-02-49-325.jpg