1952-04-14 59 18

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Mon 14 Apr 1952 in 59,18:
59.3343714, 18.0381656

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On a parallel street right next to my dad's.




To try out my new code for generating all Retro hashes around your position I decided to try as many as I could during three days.

First retro, day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Retro Expedition 2012-02-09[edit]

So I've been through this spot many times cause I've been looking for parking and it's in the middle of the street. Drove through it. Found a spot right ahead on Polhemsgatan like 30 m away. Went back to the spot and snapped some panoramas. A cop car came so I had to move out of street. And some other cars. The GPS got confused by the buildings and the snow.

Then I went to an Asian shop on the corner of Polhem and Fleming to get some snacks.

1952-04-14 59 18 18-18-31-720.jpg