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Manukau City, New Zealand

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Toward the Manukau Heads from the Waitakere Ranges

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Saturday 2015-03-28 -37.1040752, 174.1500297

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Sunday 2015-03-29 -37.1288320, 174.4586573

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Monday 2015-03-30 -37.1196432, 174.9262909

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Glinks Gully Auckland Coromandel
-37,173 Manukau City Hamilton
-38,173 Waitara South Waikato

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Manukau City in twilight
Raglan surf break


[edit] Description

The Manukau City graticule encompasses the southern portion of Auckland - New Zealands biggest city. The main attraction of Manukau City itself is probably Rainbows End[1], a theme park that is orders of magnitude less exciting than the Australian counterparts. The population is dense and reached 329,300 as at 2006 [2]. It also contains Auckland International Airport [3].

The graticule itself contains the southern extremities of the Waitakere Ranges, the Manukau Harbour, Awhitu Penninsula, and extends southwards towards Raglan, a hippie surfer community, housing the country's best left hand point break. Over half of this graticule comprises the Tasman Ocean.

[edit] Statistics

Virgin-graticule.png Manukau City was deflowered by AMADANON Inc. on 2008-12-16 -37 174, although no proof was provided, and AMADANON Inc. was never to be seen again! (grumble)

Mostactivegraticule.png as of 8/9/2011 11:20:25 AM UTC,

  • Manukau City is not even in the top 100 most active graticules in the world;

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