2008-12-16 -37 174

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Tue 16 Dec 2008 in -37,174:
-37.1668092, 174.8989355

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[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

My plans to go visit this hashpoint was dashed, as I'd already promised some friends I'd go to the movies with them (007). But then, at the last moment, a reprieve - the mid-evening movie was booked out, we were going to the 5:15 movie. The hunt is on!

[edit] Expedition

Starting quite late (past 7 when we left the theatre), I raced (45km!) home. I grabbed my camera, GPS & coordinates, and headed out the door at 7:50pm. I had 50 minutes until sunset.

Down the motorway, off at the wrong off-ramp, and heading the wrong way; a local saved me from a long roundabout route.

Back up to within 100 meters of the previous off-ramp, and I was on my way. Found the area fairly quickly, then had to hunt round for a way to ground zero.

I found a street unmarked by Google maps about 150m from the target area. Through the gate, and down the hill. Found the hashpoint easily enough.

[edit] Photos

Coming tomorrow: I'm tired!