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Sorocaba São Paulo São José dos Campos
Registro Itanhaém Atlantic Ocean

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São Paulo, Brazil is the graticule between 23 and 24 degrees of South latitude and 46 and 47 West longitude. It includes most of the São Paulo municipality and Metropolitan Region, plus neighboring areas such as São Vicente island to the south, the upper Vale do Paraíba to the northeast and the southeastern bit of Campinas Metropolitan Region to the NW.


=== 2008-05-21 === this expedition doesn't seem to have even a planning page

2008-05-21 meeting place was somewhere in Jundiaí. I'm a friggin' n00b, so I don't know how to direct-link the location; it seems to be inside an industrial plant, the closest public place to which would be "Rua Luiz Estêvão de Siqueira".

2008-05-24 -23 -46 -- On this Saturday (the 24th) there was already a meetup scheduled, here; since we're not guaranteed to get as reachable as a destination, the author of this page thinks it nice to stick to what was agreed on and start the Saturday geohash meetups on the 31st, wherever it may be. Anyway, the pre-scheduled meetup was held, pizza was eaten and fun was had. Total attendance was 6, including this guy who came all the way from Australia just to be there (the true story: he's here for work).

Apparently, the other two guys from here have disagreed with me and gone to the geohash anyway; here's their report.

2008-05-26 -23 -46 -- Brunoparga visited a hash at a school.

=== 2008-05-31 === this expedition doesn't seem to have even a planning page

It seems to be a nice place, perhaps reachable from Piracaia. If any of the other guys are crazy enough, I'd be willing to go. Reaching the actual spot from Piracaia would prove to be an issue, though.

2008-06-12 -23 -46 -- Brunoparga visited a hash at an airport.

Nearest active graticules[edit]

There's Curitiba to the SW, Buenos Aires to the SSW and Panama City to the NW.

Local Geohashers[edit]

Moretti and Juca earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (-23, -46) graticule, here, on 2008-05-24.
Juca and Moretti at the spot May24 -23 -46.jpg
  • Moretti
  • Juca
  • Brunoparga - I'm from Santa Cecília. I don't own anything useful for geohashing, such as a vehicle, a GPS device or a Twister set; I like the idea, though.