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Mon 26 May 2008 in São Paulo:
-23.6731281, -46.6073080

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The geohash location for Monday, May 26th, 2008 in the São Paulo, Brazil graticule was in the Metropolitan Region municipality of Diadema. It was reached at around 7 PM local time by user:brunoparga, who tells here his brave journey.


[edit] Where is it?

Even though this was available since Friday, for some reason I only checked the location today at around 3. Contrary to other locations, which have fallen outside São Paulo metro area, this was in Diadema - a lovely, flowery town where educational, health and irony standards are truly off the mark.

[edit] The trip

I first took a Metrô to Jabaquara station, then the EMTU bus to Diadema terminal, then a municipal Diadema bus; it dropped me somewhere in the Diadema - São Bernardo do Campo border. And that, after going around the whole city, including horrible traffic right out of the terminal. This was because of a VIP visit to Diadema today; of Brazil's 8.5 million square kilometers, guess just where President Lula da Silva happened to be today? The question arises if this qualifies him as a geohasher.

[edit] Reaching the spot

2008-05-26 -23 -46 zoom.PNG

In terms of electronic gadgets, I'm as poor as a geohasher can be; I don't even own a GPS set, and I have to trust Google Maps and a guidebook. I don't have a camera, either. But, anyway, I reached the block where the spot was located, and went into a filthy bar (this was a quite poor region) because I thought I would be nearer to the spot.

[edit] Taking a photo

Um, I don't have a camera. How will I upload a cool pic of me in the location to the xkcd folks? I decided to ask someone if they had a mobile phone with a camera. They're very popular here, in spite of the overall poverty.

So I went to where it reads "Praça Holanda" on the image; there's a school there, opposite Rua Síria. In the end, a security guard who was by the school gate happened to have a camera cell phone. He took a pic, and as soon as I receive it, I'll post it here - the quality will probably not be the best available, not even mediocre, but hey, I know I have been there :P so this is it. See you around!