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I created a brand new iPhone application for Geohashing lovers. You can download it for free following this link (app no longer available). You can join us on Facebook community page (page no longer available).

GeoHashing iPhone Application Version 1.0[edit]


The following are the current implemented features of the application:

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.
  • Local and Global geohashing calculation
  • Integrated map
  • Reverse geocoding if available
  • Links to the most popular geohashing sites
  • Uses Relet Web Service
  • Sharing options:
    • Message (SMS & iMessage if available)
    • Mail
    • Twitter (iOS 5 or superior)
    • Facebook
  • Offers map the route (local or global if it possible) on iOS Map's application
  • Offers map some dinner/food places or parks to visit on iOS Map's application
  • Automatic refresh when the day changes

Bugs report[edit]

Please report any bug you found here. Please add a short description of the bug and if it possible, the steps to reproduce it. And add your user name if I need further information.

  • When switching between the Global and Local locations, or refreshing the location, the app zooms to keep the user's location and the geohash pin in view. However it is not always successful. For example, today's geohash (yesterday's for people west of 30W) is at the extreme north, and only the very bottom end of the pin is visible when the map zooms. The pin for the globalhash isn't visible at all. So I have to zoom out and go looking for the pin. (Very minor bug; wonder if it's an issue in the iPhone's maps API?) Sockatume 06:09, 20 July 2012 (EDT)
    • Yes. It's a problem with the iOS Map. If you open the Maps application and put in the search bar the following location (89.379803,-12.996252) and press the search button you will see the same behaviour. You will see only the bottom part of the pin. Zooming in, a lot, you will see the whole pin. If you test on google maps on a desktop you will see a different behaviour but weird too. Only Google Earth for obvious reasons shows the pin fine. Kokonutty09 08:18, 30 July 2012 (EDT)
  • Very minor bug: the English in the app is a little iffy. That's part of the app's charm though, maybe you shouldn't fix it. Sockatume 06:09, 20 July 2012 (EDT)
  • Potential bug around Greenwich meridian.. I only just installed the app, but after detecting location, it gave me the hash location for the graticule the other side of the meridian. Potential issue with +/-0 handling? I am in 51,-0 but was given location for 51,0 today.
  • When I try to download this app, iTunes says it's not available in Australia. Do you have it restricted? Or is it simply not available any more? BrendanTWhite 21:03, 4 April 2018 (ACST)

GeoHashing iPhone Application Future Features[edit]

The following are the future features of the application. Feel free to add yours.

  • Users can switch between Relet Web Service implementation and Ekorren's Small Hash Inquiry tool
  • Tracking mode: Current location is automatically recalculated, even when the application is in the background. The application will notify to the user the geohashing's point proximity
  • Users can obtain local geohashing points from the adjacents graticules


  • Sharing option: Post to geohashing wiki (see the geohashdroid for reference) -- relet 08:27, 27 April 2012 (EDT)

Comments and Thoughts[edit]

In this sections please add any comments or thoughts you have about ... everything.

Hi! Is the app now removed from the App Store? Or is it just that it's unavailable from the UK app store? -- Macronencer (talk)

It's no longer available in Australia either. I'd say it's no longer available anywhere. -- BrendanTWhite (talk)