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Hi, I'm Saxbophone (talk). I can't actually remember how I found out about Geohashing, but I've been an enthusiastic reader of XKCD for a few years now, having been introduced to it through colleagues at work (it probably was one of said colleagues who introduced me to Geohashing).

I live in London and generally use a combination of public transport and walking to get to nearby-ish hashes.


  • 6. 2018-08-13 51 -0 Success —I met another hasher again (Tongs/B) and we did the in-person bit required for PGP key signing!
  • 5. 2018-08-11 51 -0 Success —and I met another hasher (TheOtterslider) for the first time!
  • 4. 2018-07-08 51 0 I got there! (pretty much) —expedition writeup coming soon...
  • 3. 2018-07-05 51 0 I got there! (sort of) —expedition writeup coming soon...
  • 2. 2018-06-24 51 -0 My third attempted Geohash —inaccessible due to dense foliage at the hash location, but I almost got there (expedition writeup coming soon!).
  • 1. 2018-06-16 51 0 My second attempted Geohash —like the second, also a Partial Success although this one was more intense (involving travel to another county!).
  • 0. 2018-06-09 51 -0 My very first attempted Geohash! —it was a Partial Success, the location was a private residence so I couldn't reach it, but came as close as I legally and unsuspiciously could.

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